Share Your Location

SnoWhere makes it easy to find and share your location.


See Your Location.+

Where’s the nearest lift?

To find your location touch the Show My Location icon: SnoWhere switches to showing your current position as a blue dot on a map.


Share Where You Are With Friends.+

Meet up for lunch or après.

To share your location with friends touch the share Action button.

SnoWhere lets you share your location with friends using Mail or SMS.


Personalise Your Message.

Why you’re here and when you’re leaving.

SnoWhere creates a draft message for you including your location which you can send “as is” or personalise before sending.

If you share your location while searching, SnoWhere automatically addresses an SOS message to your Snow SOS contact if you have one.


+ Seeing and sharing location by SMS or Mail needs network coverage and incurs charges at your standard network rate.